Hi, I'm Tina, founder and designer at Hunter and Lola.

From a young age, I've loved design and being creative. At school, I was the person who went all out with their presentations – I had a PowerPoint for everything! And even my technology projects had to be the most unique make I could come up with in order to challenge myself to learn something new. Since leaving school, I’ve worked in design-based various roles around e-commerce management, product management and product marketing – my last role overseeing design and product marketing for a global technology company. 

After returning to work from maternity leave in 2015, I came back to a lot of changes in the workplace. I found myself openly bullied and victimised by the new senior management team, with my usual marketing and design jobs slowly being passed onto new members of staff, and instead given tasks usually undertaken by our interns - such as taking messages, photocopying and making coffee. As time went on, the bullying got worse, and as a result I started struggling with my mental health – experiencing regular panic attacks and ill-health.

Whilst signed off work for my mental health, an insightful therapist suggested that with my design background, I do something creative to help focus my mind on more positive things. It was because of this suggestion, that I decided to design and create a range of coordinating decor to go into my son's new "adventure and dinosaurs" themed bedroom. This ultimately led to the creation of our massively popular Geometric Dinosaurs range - as well as providing the base for most of our little adventurer themed products that are available in our store today.

One day I was chatting about my work and health situation with a friend who had a small businesses of their own. They encouraged me to investigate opening my own business, using my original designs to create home decor for children. Many discussions, and lots of caffeine-fueled late nights designing and researching later, and Hunter and Lola was born!

Years later, we're super proud to be stocked in several different children's retail outlets within Europe, and to have been featured on various family lifestyle blogs and websites. Our products can be found not only on our own website, but also on Etsy, Folksy and Amazon. As well as mama-led small business marketplaces The Superhero Collective, Mountain Atelier, and All by Mama. We're also proud supporters of the Just a Card campaign -supporting independent businesses, and Offset Earth - supporting conservation projects around the world.

Find out more about Hunter and Lola, and get a peek at my world by following me on Instagram or Facebook. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed designing them.

Tina x