At Hunter and Lola, we strive to support other local businesses as much as possible. Which is why all of our raw products and materials are sourced from within the EU, from ethical and independent suppliers. This enables us to support as many local businesses as possible - many of which are small family-run businesses just like us.


The majority of our wooden decor is made from FSC certified birch plywood. This ensures that at all stages in the supply chain from forest to time of use, our plywood can be demonstrated to have come from a sustainable source, that is managed responsibly, and has no negative impact on the environment or the world’s forests. We also stock a small selection of solid wood products including pine, beechwood, and poplar/rubberwood - which are also all FSC certified, and are sourced from UK or European forests.

hunter and lola_FSC certified wood

To ensure that we are always offering the highest quality raw materials, and that our wood products are responsibly sourced and free of harmful chemicals - we don't use any form of mdf within our products.

hunter and lola_felt balls

Our 100% wool felt balls

All of our felt balls are made using 100% New Zealand wool, that is dyed using non-toxic, AZO-free colourants. And all of our cords and strings are produced using the highest quality cotton or faux suede.

We only use non-toxic, water-based craft mediums to create our products. This includes all of our acrylic paints, wood stains, glitters, textured pastes, and embossing powders and foils. All of our craft mediums comply with both EU safety testing regulations, and US ACMI AP regulations.

hunter and lola_homemade beeswax

Our 100% organic, handmade beeswax

Finally, our beeswax polish is homemade by us using only two ingredients. 100% Organic Jojoba Oil, and Natural Beeswax. The natural beeswax that we use is obtained from a local Bee Keeper, who's swarms are located nearby our own home in North East Essex. The predominant crops surrounding these swarms are Starflowers (Borage varieties) and Oilseed Rape. Providing a distinctively sweet scent to our beeswax polish - Which smells lovely!


We're really pleased to say that all of our parcels are packed using only re-usable, recycled, or biodegradable materials. To find out exactly what materials that we use for our packaging, see the table below.

Whilst we don't use any plastic in our own packaging, from time to time, we may reuse packaging from our own deliveries to reduce our waste. Why not reuse your packaging also? If not as a postal package, why not use the materials for some fun craft projects?

 Product Material Information
Business cards and marketing flyers 100% recycled card
Postal boxes Recyclable card
Postal bags 100% recyclable paper padded envelope
Paper gift bags 100% recyclable paper bag

Box Fillers:

Tissue Paper

Bubble Wrap

Shredded / loose paper


100% recyclable tissue paper

100% recycled bubble paper, 100% biodegradable

100% recycled Kraft paper, or 100% recycled paper

Paper tape 100% bio-degradable and recyclable
Gift boxes 100% recycled Kraft card
Cello bags 100% bio-degradable and compostable biofilm, made from plant-derived starches
Backing boards

Virgin wood pulp core, and certified by Fine Art Trade Guild