Born from an interest in design, a passion for creating new things, and a love for all things handmade - comes Hunter & Lola. A unique family lifestyle brand, that creates fanciful home décor and accessories, as well as stocking a range of thoughtfully curated homewares & toys for all the family to enjoy.

Here at Hunter and Lola, we strive to offer the best quality, ethically sourced, and design-led products for our customers.

Our main collection of products, aptly named our "Signature Collection" are 100% designed, hand-crafted, and beautifully packaged in-house by Hunter & Lola.

As well as our own designs, we also offer a range of lovingly curated products by independent worldwide designers.


Hi, I'm Tina, owner and designer at Hunter & Lola.

From a young age, I've loved design, and being creative. In 2013 I landed a role in Product Marketing, working for a global technology company. This role gave me an insight into the marketing world, and allowed me to broaden my existing skills in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

In early 2017, I took on the task of redecorating my little man's bedroom with an Adventures and Monochrome theme.

Whilst I found some amazing small businesses to get my decor from, I struggled to find certain items that I wanted, or items that looked a specific way. I ended up sourcing the materials, and making them myself.

I'm a massive fan of geometric design. So I really wanted to include something geometric in Chase's room. But it had to fit in with his theme. I had already purchased a bedspread for his new room which included teepees and dinosaurs. This gave me an idea... An idea which led to the release of our massively popular Geometric Dinosaurs!

A redundancy from my full-time job in Marketing, as well as lots of late nights planning and designing later... And Hunter & Lola was born!

Find out more about Hunter & Lola, and get a peek at my world by following me on Instagram or Facebook. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed designing them.

Tina x